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Typography Examples. Sketch > Digital

Hi guys (and gals),

I'm currently working on a project where my AD has asked me to illustrate the process of drawing up the words 'The End'. From the sketch, to the final digital version in illustrator / type program. Its for a large client (Panasonic) and I need to version this in 26 languages, and I need to do 3 or 4 stages for each one. (Sketch / Firming Up / Scanned in and illustrated / Final). aghh!

The font is set, Din Condensed Medium. So what I need to do is retro fit the idea to the font...

Sadly, I'm no expert typographer! I've built/tested a couple in my spare time for the fun of it, which is why I've been asked to do this.

So I wondered if anyone knows of any nice examples or tutorials of people drawing up there type. I'm just looking for the style of drawing, and what kind of grids/lines people use to help sketch, and then firm up their designs.

Any help, much appreciated,

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This is confusing. So, you KNOW the word 'The End' is going to be set in Din, but your AD is asking for pencil sketches? Why?

Either way, I guess I'd: Set the type, print it, grab a pencil, hit the light table and trace.