Happy birthday, Tiffany!

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Big hugs and happy thoughts to the lovely, gracious, hard-working Tiffany Wardle. Tiffany, you rock!

From Miguel, Sparky, Gerry, Paul, Dan and everyone else!

(Bigger version of the photo at Flickr)

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lots of love from Reading, Mrs. Tiff! Thanks for letting us steal your husband away from you on your bday. hope your day is great and can't wait to see you sometime soon. *squeeze* >^D

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Happy birthday, Tiffany! I can't imagine Typophile without you.

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Wow! Can’t compete with Da Reading Posse, so I simply say: ‘Happy birthday, Mrs Tiff!’ :°D

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Happy Birthday Tiffany!

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And some more best wishes!

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Happy birthday!

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Aw Tiffany, this is the best cake
I could get at short notice. I hope
it's okay. Well it sure looks tasty.
So happy birthday and everything,
wishing you a great time :^)

j a m e s

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'appy burfday, in'it!

Lots of love,

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And I got you these Meconopsis poppies.
They're Welsh poppies that look very
beautiful. Love those subtle blue patterns
and veins.

j a m e s

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Happy Birthday Tiffany, I hope its the best one you have all year!

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Happy Birthday to the Typophile angel!

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Happy Birthday, Tiffany!
and thanks for all the hard work

Jason C

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Happy Birthday from DC!

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Wishing you health, money, love, and the time to enjoy them.

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Oh yes, and that too, Tiff. What they're saying about the hard work. I got you these things becaws you keep this place sane and sensible. That takes a bit of doing. People don't realize what it takes.

j a m e s

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When you get old
And get out of shape,
Remember that girdles
Used to be $2.98.
But inflation has taken over,
And what the heck --
Most women don't think it's necessary
To make themselves that uncomfortable anymore.

Have a happy.... ;-)

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Breithlá shona dhuit!

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Happy Birthday, Tiff!!!

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feliz cumpleaños Tiff!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

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Happy Birthday, Tiffany. You make the world a better place.


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Best wishes and thanks for the time you put in as a mod.

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I came across this in my collection the other day. I think it dates from c. 1922. Was this guy ahead of his time or what? Like about 50 years or so, eh? ;-)

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Happy birthday Miss Tiffany. Thanks for all your hard work and patience.

May it be a great day, one of many…


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A very Happy and special Birthday wish to you, Miss Tiffany!
You continue to be a great contributor and remain one of the pillars of Typophile.
See... I even crawled out from under my rock to say "You Rock!"

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Hope the b-day is fan-frickin'-tastic!!!

Jeff Fisher | Engineer of Creative Identity | Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

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You guys and gals are the smile on my face and the happy tear in my eye today. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better bunch of wishes from a better bunch of people. I feel blessed to have so many good people to chat with on a daily basis. Typophile is my home away from home and YOU ARE ALL part of it.

@Reading: It is OK that you took Miguel away from me as long as you send him home safely.

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Tiff! Hope your birthday is toadally awesome!

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Man, it's only half past 1 EST and I'm already late to the party? :(

Happy birthday Tiffany!

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Happy, happy, joy, joy. ;)
A happiest birthday and 'Alles Gute', Miss Tiff.


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Happy birthday, Tiffany!

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I am aware that I am not lovely, gracious, or hard-working, but it’s my birthday too. (We set aside Ultrasparky’s [surely chaste] use of the word “lovely” about a person of the opposite sex for another day.)

Joe Clark

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Best of the day to you Tiffany!

Happy Birthday!!

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Happy birthday, t!


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Happy birthday, Tiffany!

(My dad's b-day, too)

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Happy Birthday Tiffany!


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Huzzah, felicitous cumpleaños!

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Happy Birthday to you Tiff!

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Better late than ever... Happy, happy Birthday!!!

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boy i'm late, but i'm always late anyway.

happy birthday, and thanks for the hard work


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Same here -- I'm so terribly sorry to have overshot the Best before date..., Tiffalicious. I owe you.

I hope you had a tremendous birthday and hope to see you soon.

:^* :^* :^*

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I'm reminded of one of my favorite movies from my youth. As Wayne & Garth* used to say, "[I'm] not worthy! [I'm] not worthy!"

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Yes you are, Tiff!


PS: Chuck, I love the way the overlapping serifs in the S and T make a star!

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