Avenir Ultralight Homebrew

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Hi all,

I work in-house, where Avenir is the typeface of our identity. I've been playing with this Ultralight weight in my "spare" time. I realize that I can't license it or anything, and that it's not as difficult as creating a face from scratch, but I wanted to know what the 'philes think....

Caps only as of right now, halfway through digits...

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Just in case you weren't aware, Frutiger and Kobayashi completed a revision of Avenir 4 years ago called Avenir Next. The expansion of weights includes an Ultra Light.

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wow...don't i feel silly. and i was so pleased with myself.

Are you guys gonna take away my typophile card?

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Naw - keep your card… =P I think it looks very good!

Now you can go buy Avenir Next, and pat yourself on the back, saying "I could've done that..." ^.^

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No card revocation. Linotype might take away your license, though. ;) (According to their EULA, you're not supposed to modify the font data.)

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Why are your proportions different? Your B and a few other look a bit long compared to the rest.

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To answer Dan...I was at first overlaying letterforms from the Heavy to Light weights to see how much the widths of the individual characters decreased. I think in a few places I wasn't sure exactly where the characters should begin and end. I'm not sure how well I can explain myself.

To answer Stephen... Maybe I'll should re-title this typeface as "moot point" to get away with it. I don't think a 26-character face would do too well...

Thanks all!

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