(x) The Fat Font Fad - list {Stephen}

Is there a name for this style of typeface? I see it a lot lately in magazines like idn. I'm wondering where I can get it aside from some of the shareware ones I see that have a few problems.


Wouldn't that be considered early russian constructivist style type?

Looks very similar to a P22 typeface. P22 Constructivist Block


Nice list, Stephen!

FS Pele is not free; it's £125.00 for the family.

I'd add these, although some are not as FAT as those previously listed:

Antique Olive Nord aka Incised 901
Cooper Black
Gator (Canada Type)
Gill Sans Ultra Black
Goudy Heavyface
Goudy Stout
Gothic 821 aka Block Berthold Condensed
Rosemary (Chank Diesel)
Univers Extra Black

Thanks for the addition and correction, boys.

Thanks for the great responses!

Thanks dude!

Psyops has Phalanx on Steroids

(I love Psyops)


The Geist KNT & Geist RND are two good fat Fonts

Get them here: http://www.frede.net/geist.html

a whole site in this first font:


Free: Bifurk. Thanks, Rainer.

Oh, my pleasure, you are very welcome, Stewf.