(x) ProGuide Jig Buster - Artcraft {Mark S)

I am sure I have seen this one before. Just not the name. Looks to have multiple weights. Any help would be appreciated.


This is some version of Artcraft. The original metal version didn’t go that bold, so I’m thinking this was a photo display font from the seventies or eighties. Headliners did extra-bold versions of older fonts like this, but it’s not in the Headliners catalog I have.

Interesting to see in those two URW fonts that the bold ‘g’ is quite different from that in the regular weight.

Yeah… The original metal version (Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, 1912) had the ear of the g pointing left, like the bold URW version. That could be a clue as to where this version came from.

Okay, I just happened to be looking at an old display phototype catalog and found it: Artcraft Black. And, it’s got g’s going both ways. No clue as to who produced the face, though. I don’t think it’s available in digital format either.


Wow. Thanks to all! Interesting quirk regarding the “g”. Glad you found the Black version, Mark. It definitely looked like a heavy headline weight.