(x) Good magazine logo compact sans - custom (similar to Alternate Gothic) {Stephen}

Trying to find out what Family (s) GOOD magazine uses.
Looks as if it could be a modified Trump Gothic East Bold for the logo.
Anyone read the magazine?


I am not certain how the logo came to be, but cut a section out of Alternate Gothic No.1 and you're there.

Forced geometry + rigid design - optical correction (no overshoot on the Os) = custom design

The magazine might be Good; the logo is not.

I am working at the design studio that does the design of the good magazine,
We didn't do the logo though.

It is custom made by a design studio called Area 17 ( http://www.area17.com ) and it's not a typeface, it is loosely based on Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 and of course some Alternate Gothic is there too.

Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 is one of the typefaces we use in the magazine.

Could you please ask Area 17 that they'd better pay a little more attention to the optical correction next time they design a logo? THX ;^)