great eurostile-like design from 60s

haha how's about this my typophile amigos?

extra points for identifiying the singer



What part of the world is this singer from?

The numerals look similar to Handel Gothic, except that the 4 is open. Apparently the font is too new anyway, but that's what it reminds me of.

- Mike Yanega

we're talking brazil, late 60s..

Looks like Elis Regina to me. She is still great to listen to.

And here are the words of what she was signing, "O Cantador"

reminded me of this :)
(from the House Industries blog)

so we have a song identification! good work that man :)
o cantador is on '20 anos de saudade' i think, will have to look that one up again. Thanks michel!

you're right mike, it does look like a precursor to handel gothic..

Perhaps a little closer would be Digital Sans Medium?