(x) Inacopia logo simple sans - Univers {Yves}

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Can you id the face used on Inacopia logo?
Looks like an everyday face but I cant seem to figure what it is.


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Isn't this Univers?

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Yes Yves : )
Knew it was a common one.
Thanks tons.

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> Isn’t this Univers?

No. It’s not. Look at the counter of the p or n. They’re not completely round. The sample font also seems to be wider than Univers.

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Yves, this seems to be #6 in your new typequiz on unzipped.
But - I dunno what it is.

[EDIT] - nevermind, it’s not.

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Neuzeit S? Mmmh, the ‘i’ dot is square …

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Jan wrote: »Look at the counter of the p or n.«

This sentence would look good on a T-Shirt. Better keming not needed! ;D

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Man, I had to look twice to see what you mean. lol.

It’s not Neuzeit S. Same counter problem.

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