Optical illusions, etc.

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Optical illusions, etc.

I’ve really appreciated the advice (and the willingness to give it out) I’ve been given here at typophile, the instructional websites have been a real help. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, all-inclusive book that covers the basics of type-aesthetics (there are many general graphic design books out there, but I’ve not come across any that deal specifically with the elements of things like letter proportioning—especially things like capital O extending slightly beyond the cap and baselines). Where can I find a book of visual rules/tricks for type, perceptual psychology stuff?

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Huh, I’d missed this.
You’ll find short snippets dealing with this in various type books (like Doyald Young’s “Fonts & Logos”), but the one book I’ve found that has the most amount of juiciest stuff is “Perception and Imaging” by Richard Zakia. That’s where I first learned about notan, among other things.