Wine Vineyard Font

Could anyone please help identify the font from ?

Attached below:

*EDIT* The image doesn't seem to want to attach, it's the one used as the main text for "Dr. Pauly Bergweiler" on the home page. Thanks


Hi Ben,

mmmh, this one looks quite familiar. Then again, I couldn’t find anything close.

This is most likely hand-drawn; look at the duplicate letters – they’re not identical. Still, I’d think there could/should be a font in this style. Will go on looking for it.

Peter-Schlemihl-Schrift by Walter Tiemann has somewhat similar expansive ‘swash’ caps, at least for ‘B’ …


Thanks for your help - thing is, I'm to redesign the site and they don't seem to have any high resolution images of their logo or their font.