NYTimes magazine cover font

Just saw this online and wondered what it was. At first I thought it was Apex, but that's not it.

Any ideas?



I thought it might be Stag Sans Thin, since Christian Schwartz has done custom work for the NYTimes Magazine, but that's not it either.


I noticed it, too. My first thought was Stag, but remarkably enough, the magazine actually mentioned the new type on the index page. "About the Type: In this issue we introduce a new typeface for use in headlines, subheads and captions. It's called Sunday. Commissioned by The New York Times Magazine for our exclusive use, Sunday was drawn by the type designers Eric Olson and Nicole Dotin of the Process Type Foundry."

It's used all over the cover and throughout, but I don't have a scanner available right now to demonstrate. It's looking great, maybe a bit like Stag Sans mixing with Klavika's squareness.

I just saw it in the mag and wondered too. At first I thought Fedra Sans but of course it's custom and now that I look at Fedra there isn't that much of a resemblance.