Suggestions for Justice and order typeface

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Hello guys, Im looking for sugestions on a typeface that would reflect justice (law) and order (balance, equilibrium), but with a slightly modern feel to it.
It'll prolly be working next to a crest.
Maybe an humanist face with a slight modern feel to it, maybe a serif, who knows.
I'd appreciate any suggestion : )


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Hi Dave,

mmh, I really don’t know if this fits your bill, but as you mentioned ‘balance’ and ‘humanist face’, FF Legato came to my mind:

Its essential attribute is that the black of the individual letterforms is made equal in importance to the white inside and between the letters.Hrant Papazian

Speaking of balance – Evert Bloemsma is also the creator of FF Balance.


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Hi Florian,

Thanks for the suggestion. I like Legato.
But I'd appreciate a few more suggestions so I can have a bunch to choose from before buying : )

Thanks once again

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Can you tell us a little bit more – what medium, what size, what words/letters? All caps?

It’ll prolly be working next to a crest.

I’m afraid I don’t understand that. Like a heraldic emblem? How does that look like? I doubt Legato is appropriate for a coat of arms – unless you want to go really (post)modern.

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Sure, It's for a logo restyling.
The original logo was an heraldic sort of emblem which Im turning into a simplified crest.
Originally the type was inside the emblem itself. However I'm removing it from the inside and placing it next to the crest.
I want to give it a modern look. Not too modern tho.

Its not for a coat of arms : )


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