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Just thought I'd offer up a new item to critique. This is the light weight (not the lightest) of a new font I'm working on. It's a monoline sans serif with a bit of modular modernism that I can see being used in magazines or other publications.

Don't mind the weird curves on the 3, I'm not sure why illustrator is messing up the curves, but it looks fine in FOG.

Any criticisms are welcomed.

variable_showing.pdf (45.3 k)

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8: two circles overlaping
X: bottom right legs tends to slip down?

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I got lazy with the 8, I'm fixing that.
Thanks... However you say your name. :-)

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Wow. I'd love to see a bolder version of that.

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Soon, you will.

I did a couple of test letters and the lightest weights look the best so far. The bolder weights are going to be much more work. :-)

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