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I’m picking through the bone yard and looking at some rejected work. These concepts were for a film production company that focuses on horror. The name relates to a ghost story where a woman is picked up by a lake and dropped off. The driver later discovers that she was a ghost.

Anyway, we went through several ideas and ended up going with a type treatment that was finally bastardized and combined with some animation.

Please, if you have a moment, comment on which are the least appropriate. I’m looking for a kill list, but like the depth of development in general.

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IMO this idea is worth for further development. It is simple, clear and you can imagine it immediately animated.

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Or the one's directly below that. I like the simplistic look and feel of the single line waves and the matching type.

No offense, but he chic in the bottom image has a huge butt.

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@ Nora. Thanks. That is the direction I wished the client had followed.

@ Andrew. I thought this concept was of the period associated with the story. Clearly there are too many ideas—ghost story, lake, film production. The illustrated version with the woman is fabric rather than butt, but it doesn’t read well or reduce well. The other issue is that she needed to be wet from having come from the lake. Freakin’ Hollywood!

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I'd kill the one with the film sprockets. I'd also kill the version with the woman. And the one with the five wavy lines. And the top one too. I like the other two for different reasons. The one Nora highlights is the most simple, but the other might really be amazing to translate into motion. Well, I guess they both would but I'm seeing something different from each.

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I'd lose the one with the woman (somehow it reminds me of food) and the one with the sprockets; I don't think they animate particularly well. The ones with a lake as the background work best if animated, I think, especially the first one (I REALLY like it!)

Good luck!

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^ that one looks like the original iron signs at white rock lake.

BTW, have you ever noticed how many movies roll the opening credits over water?

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BTW, have you ever noticed how many movies roll the opening credits over water?

I had this idea; I envisioned the screen filling up with water, very clear water with a blue tinted back ground, the water sloshing back and forth until it fills completely to the top. then a small white pebble is dropped in, light enough that it slowly saunters back and forth as it falls. Landing lightly on the bottom of the screen, then next to it, the words, Whiterock Lake fade in.

-Corny, but it sounds like something I'd see in the opening credits.

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Most of the looks remind me of a beverage company logo. Maybe less lake more ghost. How about the type forming the ghost or imposed on the contour of the ghost. Nothing scares me

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I found the original.

The basic story is that a couple driving at night along the shore of White Rock Lake comes upon a young woman that is soaking wet. They stop and give her a ride. As they drive along toward the address she has given they turn to the back seat and notice that she is gone, but the seat of the car is damp.

The next day they go to the address and inquire to find that there was a young woman that had lived there, but she had died in an auto accident years ago on the the same night when the car she was riding in drove into the lake.

Here are some cool images.

You can google and see what Aaron came up with. He does character design/visualization and was understandably set on rendering something himself. Although I suggested the type treatment what is on the page is not what I gave them to work with so no nasty comments.

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From the link, Image 3 and Image 10 I could see easily translated into logo images.

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>a film production company that focuses on horror
The only time i can "feel some (mystic) scare", is the motive with the leaveless tree plus the lake behind.
The abstracted waves + the extended grotesk motive looks "60s, 70s retro style" to me, i do not connect it with "horror movies".
Series No. 1 looks interesting to me. Maybe start another series with this type and type treatment, that combines this special art deco feeling with horror.

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None of those says "horror movie" productions to me, except maybe for the ones with the tentacle-y tree. But that doesn't say "White Rock Lake", it says "White Rock tree".

My personal favorite, however, is the one Nora pulled out. I think the waves are interesting.


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Apparently, yellow is linked with fear, so try incorporating that.

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Apparently, yellow is linked with fear, so try incorporating that.

I’m frightened just thinking about it.

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