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Any crit would be appreciated...

Krakatoa-Specimen.pdf (54.2 k)

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Ken: Very nice! I think this has a lot of style. I like the treatment in "kaliba

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One last thing:

I like the number "5" on the Thin version better than the Book version. I noticed they were different for some reason.

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Thanks, Tom. All good comments. I'm intending on including at least the 2 "leaf" dingbats.

Glad to hear you like the original 5 I've been waffling on it (obviously). What do you (or anyone else) think about the lc 'b'? I'm not totally sold on it. If I get time this afternoon I'll post the variants.

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OK, any preference on the 'b'? Also considering alternate 'm'

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Can I pick in between the two? I like the tail on the lower case l. Because the bowl of the b extends so far out, why not end the terminal shorter?

I prefer the first "m". Although I see why you might be struggling with it.

Also, is the spine of the "s" optically centered? It looks low right now.

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I prefer the first "m" letter. But "b" bowl too extend. And it is not necessary to bend stam of "b" I think...

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I'm having the same "b", cyrillic "в" problem with a face that i work with :-). About this saga:

The first is very teoretical, but doesen't work well, looks very big compared to "a".
The second is something close to the natural way of writing the character by hand, not so high as "o", and not so low as "a".
The third is the other extreme, you should try to see how it looks hext to "o", "b", "s", "e"... see Neuropol made by Ray Larabie

If you decide to go with the last "m", balance the position of the middle stem.


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Nice work, Ken!

I like the b in the first line better than the other two variants. It is a flipped d (right?), which makes it work better with the rest of the lowercase (except, as Gorjan points out, with a... have you tried any single-story variations of a?

As for the alternate m, I'm not sure it would work next to all of the lowercase characters, only a few of them. Place an o or a u right after it and you'll see what I mean.

Keep it up!

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Thanks, Ric. I have actually tried a single story 'a' in a version of the @ but didn't think too highly of it.

Thanks to all who have contributed so far I'm working on a number of your suggestions and hope to post some other letter variants for discussion soon (damn full time gig keeps getting in the way).

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i prefer the top b and m, I think it just makes the face more usable. Maybe the second b down could be in the font as an alternative. The bottom one just seems wrong.

You may also want to try doing this, round the bottom of the letters, or it may be worth trying?


Good Luck


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The digbat is really really sweet. I would be very tempted by the font if it came with some more cool dingbats. I love your numbers! I hope you realease this one!

Now my crit!

I like the top b best - what if the m was rounded like an arch with a support collumn? Maybe the feet could curl in a tiny bit like the bottom of the 'e'. What about pulling the bottom right leg of the k further to the right & giving it more kerned space? I think the 'i' & 'l' need a little more space too.

Looking at the original PDF I wonder about swithching the M & m shapes. The cap uses the form I just imagined. The 4 seeps too wide. The cap Y could use some extra width - it looks cramped.

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