Th ligature trouble

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I’m working with Zeppelin 31 in Indy CS3 and getting odd behavior from the Th ligature.

In Zeppelin the ligature works everywhere but the first word of the paragraph. If I change it to Walbaum the opening ligature is activated and the next in line separates.

Maybe someone else would experiment a bit and see if they get similar results.

Here’s and example.

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Now that I’ve made a post and replicated with some Adobe fonts I’m thinking it is the justification settings. Doh!

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I don't remember the units that trigger it but, at some point, ligatures get abandoned in favor of the pair of letters they are derived from. I wish there were some way to adjust your own threshold on an individual ligature basis.


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Yeah, I noticed that too Chris. It seems to have something to do with tracking; once the typeface starts to look too openly spaced it knocks the ligature feature off, which is quite sensible I guess as ligated pairs would look too tight.

In the example above the top line especially looks more widely tracked than the bottom three lines.

Nick Cooke

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It is the tracking and justification settings working together.

The first thing I do is to track a font out to notice where the ligatures break. That helps me decide IF I want to use the ligatures.

The justification settings, which I have not finalized, added another layer of variance. When I hem in the letter spacing tolerance it comes back together and behaves.

I have not set justified text in a long time.

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