Wordmark for an ultimate frisbee league

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Wordmark for an ultimate frisbee league

I'm on the exec of a small ultimate frisbee league in Barrie, Ontario. We're looking for a new wordmark and/or logo. I reckon the wordmark is easier, so have been playing around with a few concepts myself. (I'm definitely not a graphic artist or typographer—just a mechanical engineer who volunteered.)

This wordmark will go on our website, on jerseys, discs, and potentially other promotional stuff. I'd like it to be clear and legible at a distance for both small sizes (e.g., decals) and larger (jerseys).

I'm also hoping to reflect the sport: it's co-ed and friendly; modern; fast, "flow-y", and fun.

This is my first try:

The font is Familian. I like the flow and roundedness of the font, and the aspect ratio of the block. However, I think this looked better in my mind's eye than when actually in front of me.

I'm favouring my second concept:

The font is Century Gothic. I like that it's clean, and the very rounded characters remind me of the round shape of a disc. Not separating the words is an effect that to me suggests modernity.

For either, it should work in with either black/white or in colours. I just added the different colours in the second so that the .com was de-emphasized.

Any feedback on these concepts would be very much appreciated. Also, any suggestions for a different font (preferably free or not too expensive) would also be great.

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Sorry, but this is the kindest way I can say it; hire a designer. At the VERY least, hire a design student.

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Georgian has a good design program from what I hear. Find a student there to do it.