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im working on a project that will require me to use a reverse italic.

im currently using minion pro. i am very happy with the font but alas it doesnt have a reverse italic. any ideas of similar complete fonts with the required left moving italic?


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I'm not familiar with the left-leaning italics, but I read this on this wiki for italics:

Left-leaning italics
In certain Arabic fonts (eg: Adobe Arabic, Boutros Ads), the italic font has the top of the letter leaning to the left, instead of leaning to the right. Some font families, such as Venus, Roemisch, Topografische Zahlentafel, include left leaning fonts and letters designed for German cartographic map production, even though they do not support Arabic characters.

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Hi Michel,

have a look at this older thread for more suggestions/links. As Dan, Andreas and Andrew have explained, reverse italics (‘Linkskursiv’ = ‘left cursive’ or ‘Rückwärts Liegend’ = ‘lying backwards’) are often used in cartography, traditionally to indicate waters.


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It's not quite a reverse italic but FF Seria has a very upright italic

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Ideal Gothic may or may not be ideal.

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thanks guys!

venus is winning for the moment but ill be looking further into cartography faces

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> ‘Rückwärts Liegend’ = ‘lying backwards’) are often used in cartography

Briem Akademi has lots of left leaning variants and Kursivschrift Rueckwaerts Liegend is explicitly called as Florian wrote (with twice an umlaut).

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michel - do you have any background info on briem akademi? cant find much on typophile or google etc..


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You can have a look at Briem's site. His few lines on Briem Akademi basically refer to his notes on type design.

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