Calgary: March meeting

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We are postponing our regular Calgary Type Club meeting by one week. Calgary is awash in sickness and flu, but we're all taking our vitamins and we'll be much better next week. (And hopefully next week's conversation will *not* be mired down with graphic discussions of symptoms.)

The March 26 meeting will be held at Jupiter, 124 - 10th Street N.W. Jupiter is just behind The Source in Kensington: access is on the south side of the building, through the door marked with a Z, and up the stairs.

We have some typefaces to review and we should start discussing TypeCon. Who's going and who ain't. Maybe we'll get an update on Lex's movie. Maybe we'll see how much Calgary interest there is in this year's Type Camp. Or maybe we'll just talk about chocolate.

See everybody next Wednesday at 6 o'clock p.m.

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Ken, et al. --

In case you weren't aware, we've recently announced the registration pricing info for this year's TypeCon at

-- K.

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We'll pop that onto the agenda. ;-)

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Thanks Kent!!

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