The Meteg

The meteg (ga'ya) is one of the most common accents in the Hebrew Bible, and it serves two functions: phonetical & musical. It indicates a secondary accent. We said 'accent', but it is not really an accent.

The meteg is marked by a short vertical stroke under the word, and generally before the stress syllable. It resembles the siluk, but has different functions (both are uni05BD).

Grammatically(1) there are ten different kinds of metegs.

(1). If the phonetical & musical functions are under one umbrella.


I'm interested to know on the word "deshe" in Breishis 1:11 if it should be a zakef katan or a revi'i. I find both versions. Thank you

Revia. But please bear in mind that the whole verse is a little bit problematic.
For example, see the book Et Sofer by Radak (Rabbi David Kimhi/ Qimchi , 1160 – 1235) — revia. Moreover, Rashbam (Rabbi Shmuel ben Meir, 1085 - 1158) said revia instead of double geresh — 'ets peri; see Babli Chullin (Holin) 60:1.

> I find both versions

I'll be more carefull with BHS ( Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia)