SansSerif newbie.

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hi everyone!

i am new here and here is my humble attempt, very fresh one. i would like to here from you, what you can recommend me to go on with. i have started with shapes in AI, but right now i am continuing working on it in FL. i am aware that there are still some inconsistence about certain shapes, but you can just go on with critique! :)

but please, keep in mind i am just a newbie!
my goal is, modern sans-serif which is influenced by akzidenz-grotesk kind of type.

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I would do some fine-tuning to make it look less blobby: open up the bowl of the 'a' to the right a bit, widen the bowl of the 'b' towards the stem. Also, look at the foot of the 'a'. Very nice start!

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thanks popluhv,

good point, i know about blubbiness, which i am trying to reduce at the moment.

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here some more to it.

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here is how it looks now ...

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It's hard to tell without a pdf, and only a selection of letters, but it looks like the horizontal strokes are slightly too thick. There's something funny with the straight arches on the m,n and u. Can you post something more?

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thanks for the comment, here is the pdf:

Baustelle PDF

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