Marua A New Sans

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As part of my BFA I decided to design a typeface. Here are the preliminary results.
This is my first face, and I hope that it represents the beginning of a new branch of design for me.

Let 'er rip.


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Marua.3.pdf36.5 KB
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Hi Arlo! Looking at it, looks very good, sort of gothic tinted with some serifs. I guess it will make a good text face.
I would say that the "N" needs the diagonal a little bit thinner. The "W" also needs thinner inner diagonals. I would enlarge the bowl of the "b" to the south a bit, and the "q" a bit to the north more or less the same fashion you would do for the "b".




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It's been a while since posting the first rendition. Here's what I've been up to since. I've modified the bowls of the p,q,b,d, and alt a,g to match more harmoniously. I've also added a set of numbers, both lining and old style. Any more comments would be wonderful.

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It's nice. The 'o' looks a little strange next to the 'd' (like in 'stood').

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I like the changes. Now, italic. Hopefully more people will comment, or see stuff I can't see. Good job.

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