(x) Retro 1970/1980s geometric sans w/slanted caps - ITC Avant Garde Gothic {Lex}

Hi there, I'm new, so if I screw this up I apologize.

I'm looking for a font that's been used a little obscurely. It's like a sans or slab serif with slanted Ms Ws As Ys.

It's a very retro 1970s and 1980s font. It was used in the title of the


moonlighting TV series and I've seen a similar version of it as the header for http://www.candycollective.com/index.html

candy collective's magazine.


Avant Garde with Alternates. It's not that obscure - we get it a lot around here.

- Lex

Here's a link.

- Lex

P.S. I just noticed I used it for my avatar <--

Thanks Lex. I was thinking it was an Avant Garde font, but I didn't know anything about the alternates. I've noticed it's been really around a lot now. Logoonline.com is using it in some ads now.

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