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Looking at their work, you get what you pay for. Lots of sparkly photoshop gradations.

Actually that second link, the DIY site, has better samples.

The "free unlimited revisions" part seems NUTS to me.

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I sure it must empower the client…

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The “free unlimited revisions” part seems NUTS to me.

They couldn't pay me (or anyone else I don't think so) enough to do unlimited revisions.

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And then you try to negotiate with someone who've been exposed to this log-o-tron.

A typical conversation:

Them: So, you are a that like, you work with computers and stuff?
Me: Well I do, but it's just a small fraction of it, a computer is just a tool..
Them: Year, right, so, what is it that you do? A Designer of what?
Me: Well, what you see around you, posters billboards, books, signage, packages..websites (on rare occasions)
Them: Ah ! So you are a webdesigner!
Me: Well not so much, I dabble on occasion but..
Them: Hey, you know what, my daughter needs a logo for her band, I still have a few minutes before I have to head back, can you make one for her before I leave?
Me: Well, see now, designing a logo takes a lot of effort, and it's not just a mark, what we do is create identity systems..
Them: Don't be ridiculous, I see logos every day, they are tiny things, you can make a dozen in five minutes. I'd do it myself, but I can't draw, tell you what, just draw me a picture and I'll put in the text and everything, My cousin showed me how to do shadows and other cool things in Photoshop!
Me: Identity design is probably the most difficult discipline within the field of graphic design, it requires one to sift through countless concepts to arrive at a finished, concise form that embodies a whole score of ideas, is unique, and pleasing to the eye. You have to appeal to the target, and after all, a logo is just a tip of the iceberg. A logo by itself is just a mark, what makes it magic, is an expansive and detailed identity system, that establishes a particular style to all areas of visual communication, from architecture to the color of your toilet paper.
Them: Well, thats just a load of corporate nonsense isn't it? It's just a way for you guys to raise your price. All I need is a simple little logo. I don't even mind if it only has two colors, and I can add the shadow myself. I was going to order it from one of those online logo places, but they are charging $50! Isn't that ridiculous? 50 bucks for a tiny picture. Who'd ever pay that? If you want payment, I can give you this gift certificate for $35 at Quick-E-Mart. How about that?

And then you accept their commission, because they are distant friends of your relatives and you can't say no, or for that matter, ask for a fair price:

Me: Here are three directions that we can take to develop your identity.
Them: Oou! It looks pretty good, but I don't like the green.
Me: The green is there to blah-blah-blah... but it doesn't matter. What we have to decide, is which of the three do we pick and work on further.
Them: Oh, I think the left one is the best of the bunch, but I thought about it some more this past week, and I think we should have strawberries. I've asked my friends and my partner, they all agree, that strawberries are a good positive image.
Me: Eh?
Them: And here is a font that I fond on the web, it's modern and forward-looking.
Me: But..
Them: So, if you could just take that design on the left, put a strawberry on top, and write the text in ZZ_Type_Kool, we'll be golden.
Me: Hang on a minute... /Writes up a 2-page essay explaining the value of quality design, the difference between kitsch and avantgard, the meaning of professionalism and the role of a designer as conceptual communicator./
Them: /After skipping through to the least sentence in the essay/ Stop being difficult! I am paying you money, and should be entitled to get what I ask. I even found you the font (ZZ_Type_Kool) so you don't even have to search for one. My insurance company needs a pink strawberry on top of a shining golden spear, and I expect to get it. If $100 I paid is not enough, I can add 20 more for your troubles.
Me: So why do you even need a designer?
Them: I can't draw strawberries. Look, I've worked with other designers before, and it was always very easy, I tell them what I want, they do it and get paid. See what they did for me? /shows a juggernaut of piss and glitter/
Me: But that's horrible!
Them: All designers say that about the work of all other designers! And it only cost me $50.
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£25 is a lot.
That's about $50.
Why can't they do it for free?
Fonts are free.
If they did it for free, that would be good advertising for them.

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They must be good. Their own logo has both a sphere in it, and two swooshes.

(Looking at the title of this thread, I thought we were back to "Talk like a Pirate" days.)

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I hope that wasn't a true story, Oprion!

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