(x) "Geography of Thought" (2003) book text face - Berling {Kristian M}

The Geography of Thought by Peter Nisbett, 2003. Can anyone identify the typeface?

Sorry, it's a scan of a photocopy. (Is this enough? The parentheses and quote marks might be identifying…)




It looks like a Garamond to me. Linotype's Garamond Number 3 and URW's Garamond come close.

- Lex

I'll try to upload a better selection this evening. The uppercase T and W are definitely not Garamond.


It’s ”Berling” by Karl-Erik Forsberg.

Yes! Thank you. Well done. What was the vital clue? The parentheses?


Apart from the general feel (proportions & stress) the lowercase roman 'a' and italic 'g', and the '2' are giveaways. Uppercase T and W are indeed typical as well.