(x) Classic grotesque on business card - Basic Commercial {Jan E}

I'm clearly having a very tough time identifying fonts today.
Any ideas on what this is?

I thought it would be a quick ID but I've spent a good part of the afternoon searching without any luck at all. Thanks for the help.


Also have a gander at Akzidenz Grotesque, Basic Commercial is (heavily) based on it:



Mikey :-)

Fabulous Mickey is right of course.
Should have thought of that myself.
My type-ID-qualities are kinda down at the time.

That's great. I passed over Akzidenz Grotesque initially because of some slight differences: the lowercase c has a slightly protruding jaw, the e is not as closed, the r is narrower. It does seem to be Basic Commercial, but boy are they similar.

Yup, we usually don't like derivative designs that much, but to say that the current Berthold owner has a dodgy reputation would be a severe understatement. :^/

Enjoy ;-)

Basic Commercial is not a derivative design. Linotype has distributed this very design for ages. It just had to be renamed to Basic Commercial.

So Basic Commercial is the former Linotype Akzidenz Grotesk?


- Lex

Well, then Basic Commercial = Akzidenz Grotesk, since the Berthold AG and the Adobe/Linotype AG share the exact same outlines.

I want my credit!

Actually I have no idea if they're the same. I was just trying to be punny. And I identified an AG sample as BC before and got the credit, so I say you should get it too.

- Lex

See the link (to Berthold), Lex. It says there that the outlines are the same (Berthold/Adobe). About wanting the credit, I was just kidding.

I wasn’t sure if they are exactly the same point for point but I know BC is look-a-like of Akzidenz... all the credit goes to Jan of course! I just suggested Akzidenz because it has more features and weights etc which might be a better choice for Don.

Didn’t Bruno Steinhart make an admission about Basic Commercial? I forget all the details.

Jan that last link pointed to something else: there is Berthold Quality versions and Adobe Berthold versions, which are less complete but that has nothing to do with basic commercial- at least I think.

Mikey :-)

I forgot to ask Yves what was the scandal about Berthold?

Mikey :-)

I know the link was about comparing the BQ-versions to the BE-versions, but nevertheless it said that both share the Adobe-outlines.

Look up "Harvey Hunt" and make up your own opinion. ;^) It hasn't got anything to do with outlines but with how you treat other type designers and even the type designers whose designs you resell.

> Basic Commercial is not a derivative design. Linotype has distributed this very design for ages. It just had to be renamed to Basic Commercial.

Didn't know that. Thanks for enlightening me, Florian. :^)

Thanks Yves!!!

Yves: Just passing on information I got reading Typophile. 8·D
See these older threads, especially the posts by Richard and Dan R., resp. Adam and Dan R.