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Hi Raph!

Are you still at typophile?
How is it going?

Think I mentioned it elsewhere, yet, this morning my thoughts returned to that subject.
Lately I met Mardersteig at Leipzig for his exhibtion in the Druckkunst Museum.

I love the thought that you could get in contact with him or the Museum to offer, for
a special edition maybe, your beautiful Zeno? I know that you do not recognize it ‘finished’
Yet I do. I would love to see it just as it is now. Maybe threre are some defects when it comes
to digitalzing issues (for commercial use) I do not think that there are defects - on the contrary -
I do think its charme is the thing that counts!

Have you ever seriously thought about it?
It is a beautiful version that you made so far as I remember. It struck me.
Perhaps it may do so with other people, too.