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When teaching typography, I sometimes like to start presentations off with an interesting video.

For example, a friend of mine just showed me the DVNO video.

I am suggesting we all pitch in and help each other build a library of typography videos to excite young design students. Imagine a room full of 18-24 year old 1st-2nd year design students who don’t know a lot about type, and if they do, they probably think it’s dull.

I’ve used


A clip from Hero with the dying calligraphers



Thanks for your time.

[edit — some links are now borken. I will try to fix soon]

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This video, Pulp Fiction in Typography, is a really cool way to show what can be accomplished with type, even though it's not directly related to the subject.

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I love that one. It was the first one I ever used in a presentation.

Funny thing was, even though 2 out of 20 had never taken a type class, they had ALL seen it!

At 32 I guess I'm too old to keep up with this whole "cool" game.


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DVNO! hehe : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPmU_qLJVjg

Funnier then this, impossible.



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This is a school project I did last semester. We could only use black and white type...

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This could be cool as well, not sure.


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Not sure how many people actually get this channel, but AMC (American movie classics) has great ads for it's movies done completely in type, usually using famous movie quotes (in H&FJ's Ziggurat).

Not the best example, as they've gotten better since:

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Not sure if this is real or not, but it is also 'for AMC'. This one is more type driven. Might not be something you would show in a classroom though.


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I know they aren't exactly videos but I have always liked these:


(Especially Dakota)

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Good stuff folks. Keep it coming.

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I hope that this course is not going to just be watching videos. The best way to teach typography is to have students render type. Only by drawing the characters will they see the subtle differences and begin to understand them.

(Your course will be less fun, but better learning.)

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These are simply little video clips to kick off a class for 18-24 year old 1st-2nd year design students. Nothing serious, just a little fun.

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Watch any of the intro credits done by imaginary forces:

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I love AMC ads. I love that fat ionic they use, along with rockwell. So cool. Thanks Andrew.


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The Big Fat one is Ziggurat from H&FJ. It's quite awesome.

(edit) Oops, forgot I already said that...

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The opening titles for last year's Typophile Film Festival.

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Psyop does some pretty cool stuff.


It's on YouTube too but the image quality is poo.

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saul bass! you need saul bass! students love it, he's a classic.


did you check the helvetica movie by hary huswit?

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Helvetica the movie is a must see.

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Well, i'm newbie but...

Oh and nice videos you've been posting!
I'll try to find the videos i lost through the time...

From what i remember... sweeney todd intro was really nice... so... if you find it...

Joel Santos // youremin
sound & visual

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I am showing a new student how to use Typophile.

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Thank you Christopher.

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Mailbox! Open Mailbox!

By the time I got to the end I was in tears.

I need professional help.

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Mailbox! Open Mailbox!
Christoper, I saw that yesterday as well. I think it deserves it's own post. I was in tears as well, especially with the added irony of Comic Sans being the hero.

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I think it deserves it’s own post.


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I have been doing some research on a type designer in Vienna, named Viktor Solt-Bittner.
He also owns an animation company. This is an animation that introduces one of his font designs.


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The art-for-Obama meme is wearing a bit thin for me, but this vid has a nice (even if trendy) aesthetic:


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Ray Charles sings the alphabet.

Its stuff like this that makes me love that I love letters.

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Josef Muller-Brockmann remix.

Best After Effects I've seen since Marsellus Wallace.

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Kinetic type animation of the Ken Nordine classic "Green."

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Not as cool as DVNO, but I love this one. Lenny Kravitz "Let Love Rule" (Justice Remix). Directed by Keith Schofield.

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Cool--too bad of the 30's Edith Piaf soundtrack it sports.

I'm with Jimmy above, DVNO rules more.

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Ah, I meant the DVNO video by Justice -- the one with all familiar company logo's.

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Classic typography vid - The Child by Alex Gopher


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