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custom font pricing

hello everyone

I was asked to estimate a price for a custom font, for corporate use and would like to have a closer idea of a possible price table (if there is such) for a custom font.
Can anyone light me on this.
how much would you charge for a three weight sans (no italics) western/roman default encoding?

I know this can be a sensible question, I'm not asking for a rigorous budget estimate:), just need have an idea on it, since I haven't got a clue.

Thanks in advanced.

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You could start by inquiring about corporate licensing for three fonts from a number of font vendors. Most likely you would get prices ranging from high 4 figures to mid 5 figures per font (and sometimes more!). If this is the price your client would have to pay to license an off-the-shelf font for corporate use, you can figure out how much more to charge for a unique custom solution with similar licensing.

Custom work is not cheap. Corporate licensing is not cheap.

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