W magazine (2007) fonts

My instructor is having students find body copies and headlines that work to produce some works in the class. I really like the serif fonts used in the body and titles of "W" Magazine but I just can’t figure out what they are. I don’t think they are the same font either. Every time I get close on a font finder, it’s still not quite right. They remind me of Bembo, and searches I came up with were Hoeffler Text or versions of garamond but, I just dont think they are quite right. I am also wondering exactly what the san serif font they use in the inside is for body and subheads.

I’m just so frusterated in this search. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


Joshua Darden did custom display faces for W. Freight Micro by Joshua is the closest thing that is available to the public. Not sure what the body text is. Haven't seen an issue in some time.

Try to post samples.


W uses Garamond 3 for body copy (and some display type)...

...and the aforementioned W Macro (slab serif) by Joshua Darden...

...and both NewJune and NewLibris (sans serifs) by Hubert Jocham

Thus endeth the lesson.

Thanks! I was about to post the images. What are the rules for posting found, copywright text samples on here? (I'll look in forum rules).