April Fooled

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I love the new look! Please don't ever change fnord it again.

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I guess it’s a joke…but Punchcut even makes the jokes look good!

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It's totally "Web Four Point Oh" - I love it!

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I guess you mean the "new" look. I hope it is only temporary and will end after April 1st :-)


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How did they trap the the black to the background. The registration looks perfect.

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This rather obvious foolery will take the edge off what may be several far more clever posts in the regular format.

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Positively ghastly! Is it Halloween or April Fool's Day?

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Excellent work, guys!

I admit that Google's Gmail AFD joke got me for a few minutes this morning... I guess that just shows how much faith I have in their brand, or something.

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OK, maybe not so obvious!

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Where are the blanks? Me too in the hopes it gets back on reading form. I thought April First was a mediterranean nonsense.

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