Underware Rocks Out - With Free Fakir!

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I just got an email from Undeware (as I'm sure many of you did) about their crazy blackletter, Fakir, being chosen for the European version of Rockband. This is great news, as they do great work. However the real news is that as part of a contest they're running, they're giving away a free "rock version" of Fakir's black weight for free download.

Check out their rocking front page with a link to more info and the font. Warning: audible rocking will commence upon click.

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I saw Rockband last week at Punchcut's office warming party and I have to say the interface is one of the best designed I've seen from any video game. Really will done. Anyone know the studio that created it?

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Chris, this news is so great that I thought at first it had to be an April Fools' joke…

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You will KNOW it is real when you watch the videos dude.

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Fakir goes with rock

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Stewf - it was done by Harmonix, the same guys who did Guitar Hero.

I would also like to claim responsibility for Rockband using Fakir. Their old type guy, Joe, (who presented at TypeCon Boston) asked me what would be good and that's what I said.

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