Tech sans on "Area" book cover (Phaidon Press)

Hi, anyone knows the face being used in this book, Area by Phaidon Press.
It´s the one in the upper right corner I´m looking for. Sorry for the lousy image.


Here´s the image too..

If you take a look at the book you'll find it in there. Just look carefully, It's a big book but I belive there's no type specimens besides that particular section.
I can't remember the name right now, but i'm sure you'll find it in there. Although the cover lettering it's a outlined version of it.
I'll check that out later this evening.


See this older thread . Next time, please run a search first. Thanks,

Thanks, but that thread doesn´t solve it really..

@ Toby: Yeah, I know. Just wanted to point you there, as a) there is some information at least and b) you could have bumped that thread instead of starting a new one. Nevermind. :-)
Here’s a sample that might help finding it:

Thanks, I think I got it now. Seems it´s Typ 1461, by Nico Schweizer, New York

Yes you're right, I've just confirmed that is indeed "Typ 1461" designed by Nico Schweizer for, New York.