Timmie slab?

Can anyone ID the slab serif used here? (not the Mrs. Eaves). I think the wordmark TIMMIE has been customized. Thanks.


Hi Mandy,
that’s Giza by David Berlow.

Btw, the ‘gg’ ligature in Mrs. Eaves has solely been made for ‘doggie outfitters’, no?

Giza CMYK?

Thanks, I've always wondered (I walk by the storefront often) and I had no idea about the origin of the 'gg' lig, very interesting.

Jan, I guess your remark refers to the (non-existent) image?
There is no sample, neither RGB nor CMYK – but a link! In case you haven’t spotted it (I guess so. Hint: it’s the word ‘here’), then please support my request for a little more distinctive styling of inline links on typophile.com. :-)

Uh - man. I must be really tired today. Sorry, didn’t see the link.