Where to get T-shirts made?

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Where to get T-shirts made?

I've never made a T-shirt before. I've obviously seen various sites where you can easily make your own shirt, but I haven't bought shirts from all of them, so I don't know how they come out. I saw this post, but I couldn't find a "Which place is best" type of post. Does anyone have recommendations about where to get T-shirts made?

I'll probably need a few dozen of them, but they wouldn't all be exactly the same.

Most important to me is that the material be of high quality.

I'll find a T-shirt forum and post there if I don't get answers to this quesion here.

I was originally thinking I'd get them from a website, but it could also be a place that doesn't sell things over the internet if it's near New York City.

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I'm a very good friend of the guy behind Bountee. Steve Hunt is his name and a good bloke he is too. You might have heard of them as they do lots of competitions and things with the Drawn! blog.

The Bountee shirts are print-on-demand and as an early pre-launch guinnea pig, I can vouch for the quality. If the system is still the same as it was to begin with you get to set the price of the shirts, so if you just need a run for yourself you can set the price at cost.


*Edit. Looks like Bountee is down for maintenance. Well worth checking back though ...

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Custom Ink is not bad for quality, at least from the shirts I've seen.