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hi everyone!

i'm giuliano and i'm new in here. a friend of mine told my about this forum. thanks everyone, excellent job!

this i'm posting is a beta version of the first font i ever made. it is a sans serif and i only designed the lowercase glyphs.

please, let me know what you think about it!

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The bowls of the b, d, p, and q seem a little uneven and perhaps unbalanced in spots. In the q it seems to be sagging to the bottom a little. The descender of the g seems to have a sharper curve in the upper left than it does anywhere else, and flattens out along the right. My eyes also want to see the stem not flow directly into the arches on the top of the m and n (also ear of r, bottom of u), but raise up like where p, q and d attach to the bowls. In these same instances, it seems as if those curves a re a little unbalanced, and the arches/ears/bowls become too gradual as they approach the stems.

It's hard to judge the typesetting without caps to reference the proportions.

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thank you, chipman! i'll work on your suggestion.
bowls are tough!

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Nice and clean, but to light for a regular. I would do some modulation of the stroke widths, the rhythm is suffering from the monolinear stroke. Further the space character is way too wide, and the inter-character spacing is way too tight.

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thank you, clauses!
I still have a lot to learn about spacing and kerning!

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