Al Gore's new "we" logo


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I hat to get all political, so I'm posting this rant in my Typophile "Blog" section.

Via Design Observer, I just came across Al Gore's new logo.

This design really bothers me. To me, the "flip the m in me around to change it into a w" gimmick is not funny. What it seems he wants is for us to about all of us instead of ourselves as individuals. This is very noble and would might make a change. But when I look at the logo, I see that word in the center looking like a "me" instead of "we" and I suddenly think that the whole purpose of this movement might be more about Al-Gore-the-person-and-what-he's-doing-to-save-the-environment-and-how-it-is-all-great rather than a call for all of us to work together to save the environment, which is what should really happen. Right?


I don't know. I like it. It feels like turn that frown upside down. Maybe it's too juvenile or maybe we need a kindergarten type reminder that we are all in this together and it's time to share. Just a thought.

>What it seems he wants is for us to about all of us instead of ourselves as individuals.

The article explains that the concept is that we each have to take individual initiative--"me"--but for the common good--"we". Sounds good to me. And the logo achieves simplicity and balance, which is the main and most difficult thing. Kudos to Chester.

I second what Desi and William are saying... and Mr. Gore's name does not even appear in the logo, so it's hard for me to think that it is trying to draw attention to him.

Oh, I just thinking of that yesterday or the day before. Just flip the "m" - so simple. Is weird, as the "m" is inverted and the 'foot' of it is upside down it make it looks like sinking in relation to the "e".

It means ME and WE.

I originally like the logo and thought it was pretty clever, until I watched the YouTube video featured with the article "Al Gore's Logo Looks Very Familiar" in Advertising Age Online.

But, I still like the graphic and visual language around the branding and development of the logo.

YouTube Video featured in article:

Obviously it's not a unique idea or was something out of the ordinary anyways (Concept wise). That seems like a simple job for a type designer.