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Typeography 4 assignment

Hello there,
My names Mike and I go to College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan. In my type 4 class we had to create our first ever type face, my concept is "degradation over time." I started with a base face which has a modular look to it in order to provoke the idea that even a seemingly perfect type face will degrade and become imperfect over time. My type teacher posed the idea to add a second system to my face that would degrade it...something that would exist on its own, something non modular. Since my face looks ver tech like I decided to give it a virus..no, not a computer virus..the EBOLA virus, which in its stages eats away at you insides then finally your flesh. There are 3 faces on my spec poster my base face (non degraded), my 2nd face (more degraded) and my 3rd face the most degraded. Take a look at let me know what you think!

thanks alot,

check it out here:


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Why do you need a line and not an area to define your letters ?

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I very much like the degraded edges on the letter forms. That's the best part of this.

Even the base, un-degraded font is very difficult to read. Possibly it would be easier to read if it weren't outlined -- if it were just black text on white background.

The black virus splotches aren't good. They are just distracting and I'm still not sure what everything says after trying to read it for several minutes.

Keep the overall form and the pattern of degraded edges.