Cyrillic fonts similar to Dolly and Faux CRA

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Hi there!

I am lookink for fonts similar to Underwear’s Dolly and Thirstype’s Faux CRA. The Fonts should be available both in cyrillic and latin. Any suggestions?


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For the serif: Dederon is similar to Dolly and has a lot of characters, but still, it unfortunately doesn’t support cyrillic.
Fedra Serif does, but it isn’t very similar. Just sharing a little bit of Dutch flavour.

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More not-so-usual serif typefaces with cyrillic characterset: Anselm Serif, Quadraat, Swift, Raleigh, Warnock, Octava, Maiola.

For the techy one: Etelka, maybe? Consolas, OCR One?

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if you have a bit of a budget, Underware has done Cyrillic before, for Bello. If you can, you might hire them to add Cyrillic to Dolly.

*edited out bad advice*

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Paul: Hiring Underware is a brilliant Idea. If I only thought of this before. : )

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