Museo #1 at Myfonts

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Congrats Jos!

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I’m using it for two projects right now. It’s pretty awesome.

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yeah i've used already as well!

it's really a fantastic typeface.

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How about a helpful link, eh? :-)

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Thanks guys! Very pleased you like it. I didn't expect it to be this succesful.

For the ones that don't recieve the MyFonts "Rising Stars" newsletter: here's a link.

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See Jos, just getting better and better. Salud!

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It can't get any better than this. There are no more #1's :-)

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Congratulations again, Jos. Maybe soon you can retire and start doing type full-time!

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Thanks James! That would certainly be a dream come true.

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Well, Jos, you just made me buy it! :-)
Great work and best wishes for many more sales!


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Thanks very much Chris! I'm glad you couldn't resist :-)

LOL ... not too slabby ...

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I'm working on finding a project to use Museo for. One client was asking for something modern but in the end chose DIN instead. Sorry!
I'll find use for it one day.

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I'm sure a project will come along for Museo.

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Congrats Jos! It is a wonderful typeface. Are you blushing, or did you just change the color of your logo?

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Thanks Andrew! To answer your question ... both :-)

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