(x) "Juliane - Bâle" italic serif on the back of a boat - Times {Yves, Florian}

"what the font" says it's a Bodoni italic, I would say it's Time ten italic, but ist nooot.
Any Ideas? Thanks a lot


This is obviously some version of Times, but it's possibly been tampered with.

Hi Alex,

just confirming that this is some sort of Times Bold Italic; skewed and probably a little bit stretched. You say it’s on a boat. Then, this has been isolated from a photograph? It looks sharper than Times, but this could be due to the fact that the outline has been ‘eaten away’.

[edit] Haven’t seen your post before, Yves.

thank you 2 !
yes it has been isolated from a fotograph, but the outline was like this before.
lets call it a times then.