If You Could beat me to the punch! I've been investigating upright and sanserif scripts for a while, but these guys have already done it. i've tried to convince Mark Simonson to do a fully connecting version of Coquette, but don't think i sold him. Oh well, will still give it a go someday to make a full-fledged font similar to what the If You Could guys have already done.


Show us some sketches please!

I think part of the charm of Coquette is that it doesn't connect. (Not that Mark couldn't pull it off, I just think it would cease to be Coquette.)

I think the first challenge is simply doing an upright italic. I think of Veronika Burian's Bree (although not technically an italic it feels like a sans-script) and Sibylle Hagman's Odile has an upright italic.

I haven't forgotten about your suggestion, Paul. I don't think it's a bad idea, though it may need a different name, as Tiffany suggests. I may yet do it. I also have some other plans to enlarge the Coquette family, but I don't know how soon I will be able to show anything. Hopefully yet this year.

Also, don't forget Michael Doret's Orion.

I think the example Paul linked to from "If You Could" is an entirely different thing than any of the other examples mentioned above. It is much more a grotesk being itself yet connected and has no caligraphic feel. Instead it has quite a lovely spacial relationship in figure ground--therefore it seems a whole new breed. I rather like it and hope Paul or whomsoever would pursue it.


chris is right, i'd like to do something quite literally like what If You Cold has done with the word 'make.' of course i would want to do stylistic sets that added in more cursive elements in the lower case and upper. i haven't got past the investigation stage, and the closest things i have to sketches would be my experiments with Not Gill Sans. I would like to try do something similar to Tempo's Swash Caps just to round it out. Still, this is all just floating around in the ether for a few more years, most likely...

I think one reason it works in this instance, in the example is because it is a logotype. It seems somehow style appropriate. I can't picture, really, a whole typeface. I guess I'm intrigued. Paul, bring it!

oh ye of little faith! :^p i guess i have set the challenge for myself!

I can so see it as a whole typeface!

Go for it Paul!