(x) Domaine de Canton slender slab serif - Argent (custom face by Josh Darden) {Jesse Arneson (self)}

Anyone know what face this is? Bureau Agency-esque but not the same. Sorry for the low quality but I couldn't find it any larger.

From a Mucca designed website at www.domainedecanton.com.

Thanks so much!


Mucca does a lot of their own type, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is unavailable on the retail market. It has some similarities to Grand Canyon and Constructa

Don't forget to add the condensed versions of United Serif to your list. :)

I just found out through a friend of a friend who works at Mucca that the typeface is Argent, designed by Joshua Darden and not available to buy yet. Arghhh!

Thanks for the reminder on the United family Yves...it's a great one!

Domaine de Canton's logo has an different typeface than Grand Canyon or Constructa. Does anyone know any similar fonts to Argent?