Mid-60s lettering on C.S. Lewis "The Discarded Image" book cover

Can anybody say if the lettering for either the title or author's name exists as a font? If calligraphy, any fonts known close to either one?


Looks like calligraphy to me.


I agree. Even the white lettering at the bottom seems hand-drawn. Searching on the term "calligraphy" should produce candidates that would be similar, o you can look at fonts by Baker, Zapf, Crossgrove, or Bouwsma for other ideas.

- Mike Yanega


Looks like probably designed by Will Carter in 1964. Rich Lipton has done a number of bookjackets like this and his Italic a's are somewhat similar, but not as wide and generally more contemporary.

Stephen Rapp

Thanks for the opinions, all, and Stephen, I'll be sure to look out for cover work by Carter and Lipton. I really like this particular hand and have pretty well covered the waterfront looking for a close match in a typeface. I have a lot of books whose cover lettering is lost in the mists of time. Here's one from the Thirties:

Try this:

Some of Arthur Baker's other fonts might be similar as well.



Thanks for suggestions, Stephen. The Scrivano is not too unlike in the lower case but less so for relative height of capitals. There are quite a few fonts with some similarities.

Fellowship has a similar vibe: