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Soseus - business marketing and consulting

Howdy all,

Very early thoughts on Soseus [soh-see-uhs], that is an online & offline business marketing and consulting firm. Soseus is a bastardization of "socius", which is Latin for "partner".

They work mainly with medium-sized companies who are generally profitable but aren't very interesting (insurance, chemicals, etc), and make them so to other businesses and consumers (and a better bottom-line) -- by advising on all parts of the brand, everything from how the receptionists sound to the marketing collateral to rebuilding their website to be more functional towards what their customers want -- and end up being quite integrated with these firms along the way.

I wanted to make a wordmark with a bit of corporate, a pinch of design-studio, and a personal touch... and kept coming back to something near metroscript by Michael Doret. Any other thoughts?

What is it you expect if you saw this logo on a business card at a tech conference... say CeBit or IEEE?

All comments accepted and respected, of course!

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I like this mark a lot, although unfortunately it may be a bit too hip for the target audience. Do you think that insurance company types and chemical engineers would be turned on by this? Read this description of the Meyer-Briggs type ISTJ and then reconsider your direction. Please know I think you've done good work, but I have doubts about you connecting with your audience.

Nick Hladek

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I'm liking the direction - steering away from the norm. I just don't think it's working super well at the moment. That said, I think the script can definitely work.

Paul Ducco
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