Mexico City type/printing museum tips?

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Mexico City type/printing museum tips?

Hi everyone:

I'm headed to Mexico City for a week in May, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of museums, studios, print shops, clubs, etc. relating to type, typography, printing history, letterpress, book arts, etc. either in Mexico City itself or nearby that I should check out.

(Dining suggestions are also welcome!)

Thank you so much!

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Designer/scholar Marina Garone has put together two exhibits about the history of women printers in Mexico. These shows are in Puebla, a great place to visit anyway. I was just in Mexico City but did not get to Puebla (about an hour’s bus ride from Mexico City’s TAPO or Tasquena bus terminals; also direct to & from the airport). Here’s her description of the shows:

We also invite you to visit the Antique Book Exhibition: “The Other
Letters: Woman Printers in the Palafoxiana Library”, in the City of
Puebla, open until March 2009. The exhibition “: “The Other Letters:
Woman Printers in the Lafragua Library”, also in the City of Puebla is
open until June of this year and has an online version:

There’s a printing museum in Mexico City but I don’t know where it is.

If you dig calligraphy, head to the history museum at Chapultepec. There see a wonderful 18th-c calligraphic painting of a gentleman on horseback. The gent is painted in the style of the time, but his mount’s body is rendered in white calligraphic swirls and spirals. It is one of my favorite paintings. I saw it 25 years ago, and last month it was just as wonderful as the first time. When at Chapultepec, also see the Juan O’Gorman murals of Mexican history. Then go to the Zocalo and get a guided tour of the Diego Rivera murals in the Palacio Nacional. Same story, same characters, wonderfully different painting styles.

There’s also a printing museum in Mexico City, but I do not know where it is.

Have breakfast at El Morro at the corner of Lazaro Cardenas & Uruguay, near downtown. Dinner at Fonda El Refugio, Liverpool 166, near metro stop Insurgentes. Somewhere in Zona Rosa is an Argentine restaurant called Blu, with wonderful Argentine sausage and excellent margaritas. I was not taking notes about its location; we just wandered by and sat down; sorry.

Have fun; you’ll be in a wonderful city. ATypI has announced its 2009 meeting will be in Mexico City.