Typetool 2 problem: Bezier control point retracts into node

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I've had TT2 for years but only really started trying to use it.

Getting a very frustrating problem though -- some of my tangent nodes are misbehaving. On trying to move the single BCP in any way, it retracts into the node entirely and I can't find any way of getting it out, apart from undo or completely deleting the node and drawing another. All forms of snap are off.

Any ideas?

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Further experimentation shows that the problem occurs with all curve-to-straight-line points, not straight-line-to-curve points. Anyone seen this before?

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Holding down Alt (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) when clicking and dragging at a node will create a control handle if it doesn't have one, and if it already has both, it will move the node itself while keeping the control points where they are. So you could prevent this behavior by temporarily turning the straight line into a curve, and you can use the latter effect to dig out control points already stuck under the node. As for why it would do this in the first place, I have no guess.

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cheers but although I have found I can drag the BCP out with Alt, i have found a better workaround - given it only affects curve-to-straight-line points, not straight-line-to-curve points, i can temporarily reverse the direction of the contour to work on the problem node. NB I have the same problem on both my PCs; have logged a support query with FontLab.

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