managing fonts?typebook?

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managing fonts?typebook?

greetings from switzerland!

i have a question that i guess someone here can answer. i am working in a big swiss advertising-agency at the moment, and the thing is they dont have any font-folders (like a folder with a4 prints of every fonts and there diffrent cuts). i have now brought my own fonts from home and am trying to find a program that can arange fonts&size&cuts and print them on a4 paper. the problem is that ive tryed typebook which does exactly that, only you have to activate the fonts, since i have around 40`000 font i cant activate them all... can anybody help me?

best regards&cheers

ps: g5, 10.4, font explorer

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try this

please also think about the legal implications of your fonts being used at the new agency, unless they never leave your Mac. Check your EULA for those individual 40,000 wow you have been spending up large.