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I use Font Bureau's Californian Text for a magazine. It's a Type 1 font and the roman face has only lining figures. We purchased the expert font as well. How does one best put an expert font to use? Ive never used one and I've always been curious. I work in InDesign and I'm considering talking to my art director about using text figures in place of lining figures from this point forward. I know I can do a Find/Change and replace all digits with a Character Style set to use the expert font which includes text figures. Is this the best way to go about it in this case?

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You could also contact Font Bureau. I heard a rumor that they have (are) updated (ing) all of their fonts to OpenType. It would be far easier to implement the use of the old style figures if they didn't have to be used through find and replace.

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Thanks, Tiffany. Dyana at The Font Bureau just messaged me about the OpenType options.

I realized I sounded like such a newjack in my first post. I've used expert fonts before, just not to this scale—replacing all figures in an entire magazine. Ok, I've redeemed myself.

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