Which software for bitmap font design?

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Which software for bitmap font design?

I’d like to begin working on a bitmap face design. I’m not sure, though how one does that (the technics, I mean). When I design “normal” typefaces, I usually draw vector letters in Illustrator, and then import them into Fontographer.

What is different with totally-bitmap designs? Are the letters first drawn in photoshop, and then imported into FontLab? Or are they drawn in FontLab directly? What about this grey-pixel stuff? From what I’ve read recently in these forums, I gather that they are actually vector drawings, made to look like bitmaps but with varying shades of grey? This can’t be done in FOG, can it?

I have FOG, and can access FontLab via school and work. I haven’t ever used FontLab, though.


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First, read my second post in this thread
to understand the different kinds of bitmap fonts you can make.

Practically, you’ll probably be making pixelfonts: outline fonts that snap to the “intended” grid at one point size. You can make these with any old app. Just watch the “pixel” corners.

Grayscale pixelfonts: contact ultrafonts.com. But be warned: it’s really a very different animal.